A Promising Encounter: Spotlight Theatre Company's Meet and Greet in Jonzac

3/24/20241 min read

Yesterday, amidst the cosy ambiance of L'Aparté, a charming café nestled in central Jonzac, Christine and Jayne from Spotlight Theatre Company had the pleasure of meeting with a group of individuals intrigued by the prospect of joining us for our upcoming production of "The 39 Steps."

A Warm Welcome
We were delighted to encounter such enthusiasm and talent among our guests. It was truly inspiring to witness the passion for theatre and a new hobby radiating from each individual who joined us.

New Collaborators on the Horizon
Fingers crossed, as we may soon be welcoming aboard a stage manager, along with a new actor or two eager to take the stage. Additionally, we were thrilled to connect with individuals keen on assisting backstage, lending their skills to prop and costume making, and offering their support as all-around helpers. We were particularly surprised and grateful when Neil, a very new member, generously gifted us with a smoke machine for use in the production. Such unexpected acts of kindness truly bolster our sense of community and collaboration.

Exciting Updates
In light of the burgeoning interest, we need to forego our public workshop scheduled for the first Saturday of April. Instead, this day will serve as our audition workshop, where we will have the opportunity to finalise our cast. Stay tuned as we prepare to announce our full ensemble shortly after!

Watch this space!
As we navigate through these exciting times, the energy and enthusiasm of our new acquaintances have infused us with renewed vigour and excitement for the journey ahead. Together, we are poised to bring "The 39 Steps" to life in ways that promise to captivate and delight our local audiences in the Charente Maritime.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at L'Aparté and expressed interest in being a part of our production. We cannot wait to embark on this exhilarating adventure together! 🌟🎭✨