Behind the Curtains: Spotlight Theatre Company's Backstage Extravaganza!


gray roll up door opened
gray roll up door opened

Ever dreamt of being part of the magic without stepping into the spotlight? Spotlight Theatre Company is calling all backstage enthusiasts to support our premiere production in St Germain de Lusignan, adjacent to Jonzac in June 2024! No experience needed - just bags of enthusiasm. Our vibrant, friendly community thrives not only on stage but also behind the curtains, where a world of fun, camaraderie, and diverse skills awaits.

1. Creative atmosphere
Join our backstage crew and become an integral part of the creative process. From set design to prop crafting, your imaginative touch contributes to the enchantment of every performance.

2. Diverse Skill Set
Backstage roles are as diverse as our productions. Whether you're a tech whiz, a makeup maestro, or a prop crafting extraordinaire, there's a place for your unique skills in our dynamic team.

3. Build Friendships
The camaraderie backstage is unparalleled. Laugh, share ideas, and form lasting connections with like-minded individuals who, like you, prefer the magic behind the scenes.

4. Flexible Commitment
Not ready for a full-time commitment? No problem! Join us on your terms, offering your skills when you can. The flexibility allows you to indulge your passion for theatre without overwhelming your schedule.

5. Experience the Excitement
Witness the transformation of scripts to spectacular performances. From the first concept to the final bow, your contribution ensures every show runs seamlessly.

6. Fun-filled Journey
Our journey is not just about the performances; it's about the shared experiences, the joy of creating together, and the laughter that echoes through rehearsals.

7. Learn and Grow
Backstage roles provide a unique learning ground. Gain hands-on experience, enhance your skill set, and explore new talents, all while contributing to the success of our productions.

Ready to Take a Bow Without Being in the Spotlight? Join Us!

Spotlight Theatre invites you to be a crucial part of our theatrical family. Whether you're an experienced hand or a complete beginner, your passion and enthusiasm are all you need.

Embark on a backstage adventure with Spotlight Theatre. Together, let's create unforgettable moments, build lasting friendships, and ensure every performance shines. Join us behind the curtains, where the real magic happens. Get in touch to find out more!