Christmas workshop - Wow!


Our pre-Christmas workshop was a riot of fun. It seems there is a real appetite for professionally scripted theatre. We were thrilled to welcome five fantastic new members—one French, two Polish, and two Brits—to our vibrant theatre family.

Christine orchestrated the theatrics, unleashing the charm of "Shakers Re-stirred" with its witty cocktail bar banter and dry humour, while "Murder by the Book" saw some convincingly murderous performances take centre stage. Laughter echoed as we wrapped up with "Farndale Avenue's Christmas Carol". Who knew that having a Polish speaker would have come in so handy today? Anna really stepped up to the mark, but perhaps it was the out-of-tune carolling that stole the show!

Afterwards, we went out for a festive lunch in nearby St Genis de Saintonge to round off the end of a very successful quarter of workshops. Huge thanks to Christine for all her hard work in planning and organising.

Our next act unfolds this Saturday in Mosnac, with our first workshop of 2024 to beat those January Blues!

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